The Food Commons

For many years, the vast majority of private and public resources around food and agriculture have flowed in one direction – toward a large-scale, industrialized, fossil-fuel dependent, high-input and high-technology approach to food production, the primary goal of which has been to maximize corporate profits rather than to equitably distribute sufficient, healthy, and culturally appropriate food to the people everywhere, as well as to fairly compensate those who produce it. Indeed, our food system has evolved into a collection of “too-big-to-fail” agribusinesses and food corporations.

[Envisioned by co-founders Jim Cochran and Larry Yee], The Food Commons has taken an alternative path by re-envisioning a re-creation of the local and regional food systems that preceded the current global industrial food systems, updated to reflect 21st-century advances in information systems, communications, community-based organizational and economic models, the science and practice of sustainable agriculture and the changes in culture and demand.

The Food Commons has three integral components:

  • The Food Commons Trust, a non-profit, quasi-public entity to acquire and steward critical foodshed assets
  • The Food Commons Bank, a community-owned financial institution that provides capital and financial services to foodshed enterprises
  • The Food Commons Hub, a locally-owned, cooperatively integrated business enterprise that builds and manages foodshed-based physical infrastructure and facilitates the complex logistics of aggregation and distribution at different scales among all the moving parts of the system, and provides scale economies, business services, technical assistance and training to new small food businesses.

The Food Commons
is a new economic paradigm
and whole system approach
for regional food.

For more information, visit the Food Commons website HERE

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