Current Clients

Atlanta Preparatory Academy –  Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

A public charter school located in a former Morris Brown College building on Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, its PTO Edible Schoolyard Committee is developing and maintaining a basic learning garden, and then working with other stakeholders to expand in other “Farm@School” areas like community gardening for residents and a non-profit urban farm on APA’s campus that would provide fresh vegetables to the neighborhood through Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).  AM-FFN is providing pro bono project development and fundraising assistance.
Pittsburgh Community Improvement Association (PCIA) – Welch Street Park Community Garden

Pittsburgh neighborhood residents constructing WSP Community Garden

The Welch Street pocket park is being utilized as a community garden, under the adoption of the Pittsburgh Community Improvement Association, Inc. AM-FFN in partnership with Eco-Action, Inc  and the West Atlanta Watershed Alliance, Inc (WAWA) is providing garden horticultural training services & improvement projects to further enhance the garden, including: (a) “Water-Wise” gardening workshops to the neighborhood (b) provisional rain water catchments system purchase and installation (d) perform soil tests to determine exact amendment needs (e) purchase and add soil amendments to enhance fertility for next season. Funding support provided by the Park Pride Micro-Grant program. (see update HERE)