Choice Neighborhoods – Community Food System Assessment

The Atlanta Housing Authority has asked Atlanta Metro Food & Farm Network  (AM-FFN) along with our partner Village Habitat Design LLC to assess the current and potential range of urban agriculture activity within the Choice Neighborhoods Atlanta (CNA) geographic footprint.

The CNA Food Assessment project will provide critical baseline data for the Choice Neighborhood Transformation Plan serving as a tool to:

  • assist in building a local food economy,
  • improve food security for neighborhood residents,
  • provide a source of healthy food,
  • create jobs and practical work experience for neighborhood youth, and
  • establish a lasting legacy of sustainability for the CNA initiative.

What Does the Project Include?

This project will involve identifying existing and potential home and urban agriculture sites. We will be interviewing you at home and through civic groups and community organizations to capture the data on the history, status, and aspirations of functioning gardens or farms.

We will also be grading the suitability of potential new sites for use as: (1) community gardens (2) institutional/school gardens (3) market gardens (4) commercial urban farms or (5) food hubs.

In August, we will convene  a “Sustainable Neighborhood Visioning Workshop” (community charrette)  focused on Urban Agriculture and Community Development.  Our team will then compile the findings and community input in a summary report. This will be presented to the community in September.

Choice Neighborhoods Atlanta geographic area

If you reside in, are based in, grow food in or are interested in growing food in Scholars Landing (on the site of the former University Homes), College Town or the surrounding neighborhoods of Ashview Heights, Atlanta University Center, Booker T. Washington, Just Us or Vine City we are looking to contact you.

Check back here for updates on upcoming community meetings, survey forms or more details about the  upcoming Sustainable Neighborhood Visioning Workshop.

Photo by Steve Osborne

Or please contact us directly at 404.991.0334 or . We would like to visit your  project or group.

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