Jim and Larry Are Coming to Georgia!

Please join us as we host the founders of the Food Commons Jim Cochran and Larry Yee during as the visit Atlanta next week.  The Food Commons is “a new economic paradigm and whole systems approach for regional food”.  In addition to spearheading the development of the Food Commons concept here in Atlanta, AM-FFN is developing a Food Commons prototype within South-West Atlanta we are provisionally calling “The Fertile Crescent”

We are hosting two events.

The Ten County Round Table centers on the potential for Food Commons development for the 10-county Atlanta metropolitan region, as defined by the Atlanta Regional Commission. The Round Table will be held 10:00am Friday November 16, 2012 at the Atlanta Regional Commission’s Harry West Room, level C.  40 Courtland St, NE, Atlanta Ga, 30303.

A second event, the “Fertile Crescent” Meeting will be held later the same day 2:00pm Friday November 16th at the Center for Working Families, Dunbar Neighborhood Center Level 1, 477 Windsor St. SW Atlanta 30212.  This meeting will be of interest to individuals, community organizations, non-profits and businesses interested in local food system development within neighborhoods abutting the Atlanta Beltine subarea sections 1, 2, 9, 10.  These include the neighborhoods of Grove Park, Howell Station, Knight Park, Mozely Park, Washington Park, Just Us Neighbors, Ashview Heights, Bankhead, Hunter Hills, Westview, West End, Adair Park, Oakland City, Mechanics ville Peoplestown and Pittsburgh.

You can RSVP for either or both of these events by calling 404 991 0334, emailing atl.metro.food@gmail.com or completing the form to the right online.

About the Food Commons

The Food Commons is a project dedicated to designing and developing both local and national infrastructure within a whole systems approach and a new economic paradigm for local and regional food. The Food Commons has 3 integral components:

  1. The Food Trust, a non-profit, quasi-public entity to acquire and steward critical foodshed assets, particularly land assets,
  2. The Food Bank, a community-owned financial institution that provides capital and financial services to foodshed enterprises.
  3. The Food Hub, a locally owned, cooperatively integrated business enterprise that builds and manages foodshed-based physical infrastructure.  Food Hubs  provide food aggregation and distribution capabilities , businesses, services, technical assistance and training for existing or new small food businesses.

You can find out more about the Food Commons on our page The Food Commons or the Food Commons website.

Hope to see you there!

RSVP for Food Commons Events

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