Prep Days for the Installation of an Edible Schoolyard in Vine City

The Edible Schoolyard at the Atlanta Preparatory Academy discussed in the previous article, An Edible Schoolyard is Coming to Vine City! is actually becoming a reality.  With the generous sponsorship of the Post HOPE Foundation Inc, partner contractors Chatham Landscape Services Inc and Downey Trees Inc. began work on Tuesday to build out the Sustenance Design LLC site design.

The photos below show some of the work on October 16th and 17th.  All photos by Kwabena Nkromo.

Before shot of the garden area with workers beginning to remove grass sod

Removing grass sod to expose the soil in the garden area

Granite “rip rap” to be used for raised bed walls

Compost soil for garden beds being delivered by Downey Trees Inc

Dramatic soil drop by crane

Spray painting the layout for the herb spiral

Herb spiral construction in progress

Herb spiral rises ….

Digging a trench for the permaculture berm & swale

Digging a hole for the pond

Vine City neighbor Mr. Tillman Ward chatting with Krieg of Chatham Landscaping

APA’s Edible Schoolyard site plan by Sustenance Design LLC

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